Singing Cerddorion’s Praises

“Cerddorion’s clean intonation and focused tone allow the purity of the musical message to emerge beautifully intact. They exemplify the direction in which chamber vocal ensembles should be moving.”

– Peter Bagley, Director of Choral Studies and Professor Emeritus at the University of Connecticut

“Cerddorion is a chamber ensemble where ‘ensemble’ is the key word. The sheen, the matching of sounds is a joy to hear … whether it be Poulenc, Britten, Hindemith, Elgar or Victoria.”

                                  – Robert Page, Music Director Emeritus of the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, and Professor of Music at Carnegie Mellon University.

“The 28-member group moved from 16th-century Spain to 21st-century North America with passion and discipline.”

– The New York Times
November 2004

“I was particularly impressed with their interpretation. All the musical components — phrasing, dynamics, tempos — were perfectly balanced  and created an expressive and accomplished performance.”

– Nikolai Kachanov, Director, Russian Chamber Chorus of New York
Spring 2004

“This was a connoisseur’s concert, tastefully rendered […] well-trained singers intimately involved in music and text. The success of the performance was a product not only of technique and preparation but of understanding.”

– Gannet Newspapers
November 1997


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